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Comand empowers defence forces with unparalleled decision-making and operating capabilities. Across sea, land, air and cyber, to protect freedom everywhere.

On a mission to build the right future

Our mission is to bring France and its allies the most powerful strategic advantage in defence. We envision a world where all military software will be remodelled to harness the power of AI.
To design leading solutions capable of serving the military with maximum capabilities, we unlock a new kind of AI, redefining command and control throughout the whole theatre of operations.


History just proved a tiny agile team of ten geeks can change the game for thousands of militaries. That’s just how we think. It doesn’t take many to make the unthinkable happen but it takes the best. Comand is building one of the best AI defence teams in the world, right here in Europe.
We are bringing together the world’s top talents, fusing military and civil manpower to define the future of defence. Our team was founded with the purpose to imagine the future of defence by Loïc Mougeolle and Antoine Chassang, and is backed by exceptional investors.
Driven to build the next generation defence leader - Ex Naval Group
CEO & Co-founder
Loïc Mougeolle
Committed to build AI with a mission - Ex Snap
CTO & Co-founder
Antoine Chassang


Threats to democracy are more diversified and unpredictable than ever. Our command and control forces evolve in an ever-quickening and complexifying theatre of operations that becomes impossible to navigate for unassisted humans.
We are bringing them state-of-the-art defence solutions, with unprecedented intuitiveness, accuracy and modelling capacities to support their will in a way that has never been seen before.
Those are the principles we live by
The whole picture or nothing
Instead of limiting the scope of analysis, we apply AI at the scale of the entire theatre of operation, breaking the limits of today’s tactical possibilities.
Minutes, not days
It’s all about rapidity. We are shrinking the time from simulated ops to deployed operational plan from hours to minutes for unbeatable time advantage.
Building the best capability on the market to generate surprise and prevent it with groundbreaking tech, even in the face of lesser-known threats.
Always all-domain
Threats to democracy come in all shapes on all terrains. Our solution bridges the gap between physical, information and cyber worlds, pushing the boundaries of action opportunities further than ever before.
We are hiring
Join a tight-knit team to break new grounds with world‑class AI, design & tech experts. We are backed by exceptional investors. If you believe in our mission but can't find the perfect role, drop us an email at and let's discuss how your skills can make a difference.